1.  What Sample Type?

    We require at least 1ml of EDTA whole blood taken pre-dose. Please note that we require the sample and request form to be labelled with patient name, date of birth and hospital number. Request forms should also provide details of the dispatching hospital.

2.  How should the sample be sent?

    Sirolimus is not stable above 30oC and so there are days in the summer when it is not adviable to use the normal postal system. We recommend using the HAYS DX courier system .

3.  How will the results be reported?

    Provided the laboratory has been given your nominated fax number, a copy of a formal printed report will be faxed and the original posted to the nominated reporting address .

    All fax numbers have to be programmed into our machine and so we are unable to fax individual reports to different locations within the unit.

4.  How long does it take to obtain a result?

    When a patient is bled, the specimen should be shipped to the laboratory for receipt next morning. Specimens received before 11am on a weekday will be reported by 5pm that day .

5.  If a result cannot be located, how do I obtain a needed result?

    The telephone number for the department is 01895 828570 and we are happy to give results to clinicians by telephone if needed. The results line is open 8:45am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

6.  A patient is seriously ill and needs an urgent sample to be analysed.

     The assay is run each weekday . Telephone the laboratory to arrange same day analysis and ensure the sample arrives before 11:00.

7.  What are the therapeutic ranges.

    Patients on combination therapy with Cyclosporin or Tacrolimus should achieve target predose levels of 4-12 ng/ml. Patients on monotherapy require higher doses and should achieve levels of 12-20ng/ml

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